Be Ahead of the Game – Get a Sports Physical

Sports Physicals for Your Child's Safety - Carthage, TN Medical Center

Sports offer great programs for your son or daughter. Where else can kids

  • be taught social skills,
  • grow their self-confidence,
  • learn to handle winning and losing as a good sport,
  • develop self-discipline,
  • mature in character,
  • engage in goal-setting,
  • be taught the value of practice,
  • overcome challenges,
  • work with others to achieve an end,
  • and other life-preparation abilities – all while having great fun with their friends?

Obviously, the benefits of playing sports are numerous!

Before your children participate in school or summer sports, it’s wise to ensure their wellbeing with a thorough physical exam. Sports are fun, and can still be rough on the body. It’s important to know if your son or daughter is healthy enough to play the game of choice. Intense exercise can aggravate conditions that otherwise wouldn’t raise symptoms.

Six weeks before practice begins is a good time to schedule a sports physical for your young athlete. The exam consists of routine history questions including the child’s

  • family medical and health history
  • diagnosed medical conditions
  • medications
  • allergies or asthma
  • hospitalizations
  • prior injuries

The second part involves a physical exam of the athlete’s

  • heart, lungs and abdominal area
  • flexibility, joints and reflexes
  • vision and hearing
  • weight and height
  • muscle strength

Should anything in the exam present a red flag to the physician, further tests may be suggested.

The ultimate purpose of sports physicals is to determine any health issue that might interfere with intense physical activity while playing the game. The time between the exam and the start of practice gives an opportunity for treatment and physical strength exercises. It’s better to find any problems and overcome the health issue beforehand than to be blindsided on the field. Help your kids to have a great season of sports by preparing them with a sports physical.

Riverview Regional Medical Center in Carthage, Tennessee, provides high-quality, cost-effective, compassionate medical care. For information, call 615-735-1560.


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