Staying In Control of Your Diabetes

Diabetes prevention at Riverview Regional Medical CenterDiabetes is a serious health condition, but fortunately, it can be controlled. Riverview Regional Medical Center provides diabetes care in Carthage, Tennessee to assist you in that goal. Managing your diabetes affects every aspect of your physical health, and serious issues can arise when diabetes is not controlled. Education and encouragement are two ways Riverview Regional supports you in your diabetes-related decisions.

Diabetes Self-Management Classes
Diabetes Self-Management Classes are part of the comprehensive diabetes services provided to outpatients at Riverview Regional Medical Center. These classes are comprised of two sessions lasting three to four hours each.  We also offer one-on-one private counseling. You are invited to attend and bring your spouse or another friend.  For more information, call 615-735-5320.

Diabetes Support Groups
A Diabetes Support Group meets the second Tuesday of every month. If you have diabetes, or if you are involved in the care of a diabetic, we welcome you to attend. Come and learn about how fellow diabetics cope with and overcome various issues.  Learn what’s new, and find reinforcement for managing diabetes. For more information and to join our group, call 615-735-9815.

Gestational Diabetes Education Program
The Gestational Diabetes Education Program is for women who have a diabetes diagnosis during pregnancy.  For more information and to join the class, call 615-735-5320.

The Riverview Diabetes Program is headed by a Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian. We offer various classes to learn how to live successfully with diabetes. When you take care of yourself and your diabetes, you will feel great today and you can look forward to a healthy tomorrow. The threat of health problems caused by out-of-control diabetes will not plague your future when you take care of yourself today and every day. Join Riverview Regional Medical Center, and together we’ll work to keep your diabetes under control.


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