Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Pediatric Care in Carthage, TennesseeDo you find it difficult to keep your kids healthy and happy when it’s cold outside? Cold and flu season arrives with the colder weather, and sick or not, kids want to hibernate rather than get outside. So how do you guard their health and keep them active during the winter months?

Riverview Regional Medical Center presents these tips to help you keep your children healthy and active during this time of year.

Healthy Kids:

  • The #1 rule for healthy kids is regular hand washing.  Nothing fancy, just simple soap and warm water before eating, after using the restroom and when they’re leaving a public play area. If your little ones are too small to reach the sink at home, push up a footstool. Teach them by example – wash your mittens, too.
  • Make sure your children get their vitamins.  Daily chewable vitamins are fun and favorably received, and ensure the intake of required doses.
  • Keep food healthy and simple. Feed them oatmeal for breakfast, slice up apples and serve carrots for snacks or offer a handful of nuts.
  • Keep your kiddos hydrated by pushing healthy fluids such as water.  Avoid offering sugary drinks. Plenty of liquids will help your children think clearly and stay energized.
  • Hydrate their skin, too. After bath time, put lotion on your little ones, and remember the sunscreen before sending them out to play.
  • Get the kids outside when the temperature is reasonable.  Sunshine is healthy for your youngsters.  Having them outdoors in the daylight is good for them physically and mentally.  Sunscreen and clothing layers can prepare them for at least a short time outside in winter.
  • Lighten up, and figure out ways to relieve stress. Avoid, or control stressful activities.
  • Make bedtime the same time every night. Plenty of sleep provides a healthy foundation for your children, and for their parents. We all need our beauty rest!

Active Kids:

Get them moving to burn-off energy and boost their spirits.

    1. Go outdoors. “Wanna build a snowman?”  If it’s chilly but dry, encourage sidewalk chalk art. Take a walk together. Walk the family dog.  Play on playground equipment.
    2. Indoor ideas: exercise or dance to videos or the radio; play leapfrog; jump rope; play hide and seek.  Use your imagination, and theirs, to come up with unique, fun activities.

Riverview Regional is here to help you protect and maintain the health of your children.  Our pledge and purpose is to provide the medical care your family needs when you need it most.  Healthcare services for children at Riverview include X-rays, bandages, and TLC, as well as more involved and invasive care.  Our staff at Riverview Regional is here to treat your children well. We wish you a healthy and happy New Year!


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