Cardiovascular Professionals Week (February 9-15)

Cardiac care unit carthage tnDid you know that there are an estimated 7 million stroke survivors in the United States, and that nearly 1 million Americans have a heart attack each year? Many of us owe our lives to the cardiovascular professionals who provide care in the ER and cardiac unit of our local hospitals. The Cardiac Care program at Riverview Regional Medical Center in Carthage, Tennessee is celebrating Cardiovascular Professionals Week, February 9-15, to honor the heroes on our cardiac team. We celebrate each individual and the outstanding work each performs to make a difference in the millions of lives affected by cardiac-related problems every year.

Heart Facts:
1) Did you know that a person is more likely to have a heart attack on a Monday morning than any other day of the week?
2) The symptoms for females experiencing a heart attack differ from those of a male? Read more here:

About Cardiovascular Professionals
At the technological and educational front line of medicine, cardiovascular professionals aid in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of CVD (cardiovascular disease). These highly-skilled and deeply compassionate professionals play a vital role in saving lives every day. Cardiovascular medicine requires highly focused personnel; continuing education and cross-training for various positions within the unit; acute awareness of patient status and situation; and in-depth knowledge of the ever-growing diseases and defects of the heart and circulatory system. At Riverview Regional, we join the nation in celebrating and honoring the dedication and caring spirit of these cardiovascular professionals.

Your Heart Health
Did you know that simple changes in your lifestyle can protect you from heart disease, delay its onset or assist in your recovery? Stop smoking, start exercising and eat healthy, balanced meals. You should also have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked regularly by your primary care physician or cardiac care professional. Our aim at Riverview Regional is to help you prevent CVD and to make certain that you not only survive heart disease but thrive under the kind and knowledgeable care of the cardiovascular professionals connected with our health care center. We provide you and your loved ones with top of the line medical and surgical care whenever you need us most.


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