January 25 is National IV Nurse Day

National IV Nurse DayJanuary 25 is National IV Nurse Day. Virtually every patient in the hospital has an IV inserted for any number of reasons. When the needle comes your way, you’re grateful that the nurse holding it is competent to do the job right the first time. We take great pleasure in celebrating infusion nursing professionals who have dedicated themselves to this vital specialty.

IV nurses, or infusion nurses, are crucial members of a health care team and work in a variety of locations that include hospitals, health clinics, doctors’ offices, long term care centers and home health agencies. These specialists are guardian angels who hold a key position in patient safety as they oversee accurate dosing of medications and fluids by injection, and protect patients from catheter-related infections. Infusion nurses are part of the support team with doctors and surgeons in treatment procedures and are involved in educating patients with regard to illness, disease and treatment.

The roll of infusion therapy has increased greatly in the past 60 years since Congress first recognized IV Nurse Day. These specialized nurses produce positive effects in their arena of patient care, and the specialty moves forward with the advances of technology and pharmacology. January 25 gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the specialty and the major contribution to patient well-being and safety made daily by infusion nurses.  The numerous accomplishments of these everyday heroes earn our deepest appreciation and highest admiration.

The associates of Riverview Regional Medical Center in Carthage, TN happily join in the well-deserved salute to the nation’s infusion nurses When an emergency strikes you or your loved ones, our IV nurses meet your needs, and you couldn’t be in more capable hands.


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