November Homecare and Hospice Month


November is the month we celebrate Homecare, Hospice and Palliative Care, and each dedicated individual whose daily labors of love allow patients to receive health care while remaining at home. Homecare providers serve newborns and their mothers, the disabled, the elderly, and all others who need someone in-home to meet their medical and physical needs. Palliative care takes the patient through a progressing illness or disease, offering broad care options until the treatment moves from cure to care. Hospice care ministers to patients and their families when hope for cure is past.

Homecare affords the disabled and the elderly the desired opportunity to remain in their own homes and still receive the medical and physical care they require. A wide variety of services are available through homecare programs including visits from medical professionals and therapists, social workers, and daily living assistants. For the approximately 12 million Americans whose daily needs are met by homecare providers, this service is invaluable.  Throughout November, we wish to honor each caregiver who shares skillfully from the heart with those in need, each one whose inner light shines out brightly through the faithful service given.

Palliative care is concerned with the relief of suffering and stress for patients battling serious illness and disease. A team of medical professionals support patients of any age at any stage of illness or disease with a broad range of services. The goal of palliative care is to improve and extend the quality of life for individuals undergoing medical treatment. When cure is no longer a viable option, transition to hospice care takes place. Throughout November, we wish to express our respect and admiration for those who give of themselves to nurture the spirits and alleviate the pain of those who suffer.

Hospice care providers come into people’s hearts and homes when hope has flown. Bringing compassion and comfort, the hospice team cares for people by administering pain-managing medications, tender touches, and full support for patient and family alike. Usually provided in-home, hospice care focuses on patient care after cure is unattainable. Bereavement counseling for the family is extended. Softening the end of life with genuine, tender, professional care, the hospice staff is available at any hour of the day or night. Throughout November, we wish to pay tribute to the gracious people who pour out of themselves to gently guide and guard others at the end of life.

We lift high those whose love and devotion to others is extended daily through their dedication to care-giving.  When you and your family need in-home care or hospice services, contact us. Our staff will care for you and your loved ones with the same compassionate excellence everyone we have the privilege of serving receives.


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