Fad Diets and Your Role


We’ve all seen magazines while in line at the grocery store touting new eating habits that will change our lives. When it comes down to it, most of us want to be proactive when feeding family and ourselves and choose the best food we can. But what happens when a new study or research contradicts a meal or habit you have done all of your life? Unfortunately, the cliché response of “I’ve always eaten this and I’m fine” simply won’t hold up in a court of health.

So what is one to do when every new diet and technique seems to contradict the other and new studies disprove what we once believed? Go to the pros. While all healthcare professionals are not created equal, it is important to listen to the innovators and leaders of health and nutrition. There may be many benefits to a certain eating plan, but drawbacks may exist for specific people. You should always consult your doctor/nutritionist to find a balance and non-biased approach to your wellness.

It is still a good idea to take ownership of your health by keeping an eye out for ways to eat better. There are aspects to many of the newest food crazes that actually increase your health. Let’s take a look at a few of these new diets.

The Paleo diet, simply put, takes us back to our cavemen instincts and relies on a strict diet of animal proteins, fruits, most vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. It restricts the intake of dairy, grain, legumes, starches, alcohol, processed foods, sugars and their substitutes. While there are some naysayers and anti-Paleo nutritionists, overall, the Paleo approved foods you take IN are healthy and nutrient rich. The ones you keep OUT, such as alcohol and sugars, are good ideas to limit generally. However, the biggest concern might be to balance and monitor calcium intake to replace the dairy source. Solve this issue via leafy greens like kale and spinach to meet daily requirements to satisfy the need for this essential mineral. *Bonus: eating avocados can no longer be eaten in meager, guilt induced portions!

One hotly debated and much contested diet is the HCG diet. The claim is that you will loose copious amounts of body fat due to the injection or intake of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and a restrictive 500-calorie a day diet. While many say the obvious weight loss results come from the record low caloric intake, the proponents of HCG say that with the drops or injections, the body can safely sustain on the dosage prescribed and limited food intake. To summarize, the only reason anyone should submit to such an extreme diet form should be at the supervision and recommendation of a physician. (And even then, a much less drastic approach could be used in rehabilitating one’s diet plan and health.) *Bonus: look like the most disciplined person in your social scene as you munch on leaves of lettuce at a party.

Lastly, the Mediterranean diet is a meal comprised of cardiologist’s best friends. Sprinkle Imagethat luscious green salad with herbs and olive oils, eat fresh fish and poultry and go ahead and enjoy that glass of wine at dinner. While you might have a hard time going without your weekly (in some cases, daily?!) red meat, the energy and vitality will replenish your reserves via the plant-based, fiber rich foods and sustaining good fats. The seasonings and herbs are increased to appeal to the palate, thus signaling the brain of satiety helping you eat less and feel more full. This widely favored diet encompasses a holistic approach to good, healthy food eaten in the company of friends and family. *Bonus: see your hair and skin thank you for eating a diet rich in good nutrients.

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